The Spice People

Robertson’s Spices is a brand under the Unilever umbrella. It has a large share of the South African Market.
The brand at this stage had just undertaken a massive packaging change and was looking for continued loyalty from their consumers.

Brand: Robertsons Spice

Client: Unilever South Africa

 Agency: Barrows Design and manufacturing South Africa

Conceptual design
Design creation and rendering

Engineering consideration

The challenge

With the launch of their new pack Robertson’s Spice wanted to make sure they retained loyalty from their consumers. 
They wanted a way to give back to the consumer and also drive sales upwards.
The spice rack was a campaign to drive sales and loyalty by giving away a spice rack if you were to purchased five or more of the spices.
The budget for the rack was under $2. 
Unilever’s marketing team put out a general brief to come up with a gifting idea for a spice rack, the pod and twist design was chosen as the right solution. 

The Solution

The twist spice rack was born, a cheep and affordable rack that created a little bit of interest in the kitchen.
The unit held 5 spices to encourage the purchase of 5 different spices.

Spice rack