Milka Chocolate

China Mondelez launched their first premium chocolate brand into china into a heavily dominated competitor landscape. Milka needed a strong launch identity which would stand out in trade and quickly win the market share in a  fairly new chocolate category.

Brand: Milka Chocolate

Client: Mondelez China

Agency: Barrows APAC

Creative direction
Conceptual design
Design creation and rendering

Engineering consideration

The challenge

China is a hard market to break into, especially with Mars and Ferrero Rocher owning 80% Market share, the task was to break into the category with disruptive brand focused POS that drew attention away from the competitor and already established brands.

The Solution

Easy, the competitor landscape was very bland and uninviting and with the colour purple we just needed to own and stand out on shelf, floor the stores with brand capitalizing on the brand home of Switzerland, emphasizing the pure Swiss ingredients. 
Mondelez focused a lot on shelf display, with ease of shopper access, restocking and product visibility being at the core.

Free Standing Display Unit

Adaptable Counter Unit 

Milka Bars - Shelf Stocking System - Upgrades

In-Aisle - Drop in Shelf Cooling System