“Share an  Idea  with Coke”

As a point of purchase product designer I am almost always called to design units that serve only to promote and satisfy the needs of a brand, and very often the designs are wasteful in materials and used for very short periods of time, only to end up living out their lives on a rubbish dump or a landfill.

What if POS could have a second life, what if it could benefit way after it wasn’t needed anymore.

What if I could make a design that would benefit those in need, those with less, use the idea of corporate responsibility to drive awareness for the second life of designed units.
I picked coke as this client to showcase the idea as coke is known for their work in corporate responsibility.
I took one of the more prominent designs we had created over the last few years and re worked it.
I wanted more, I thought.........
How could I take this idea further.

Brand: Coca Cola

Client: Conceptual work only

Agency: Non commissioned work

Creative direction
Conceptual design
Design creation and rendering

Engineering consideration

The challenge

Taking inspiration from an existing free standing display , I wanted to take the concept further and create a unit that could live on after its brand and marketing life in-store, the unit had to be robust and brand focused for the trade but still be useful enough out of the trade to benefit.

The Solution

I have had many a thoughts on humanitarian ideas to help those less fortunate, this design was able to breakdown after its useful in store life and create a set of parts that would help those in need in every day life.
The Unit would be focused for Africa where education and facilities are lacking, the idea was an FSU that could collapse and turn into a mini School room.

Free Standing Display Unit

Unit Breakdown for School Equipment components

Chalk Boad (2 x Side Panels)

Lap Desks ( FSU Shelves)

Mini Desks ( 1 x Side Panel)

Mini Desks Construction