Pringles - You Don't Just Eat Em

Pringles was in the market for a new look and feel for the South East Asian region, we were involved in creating a consistent look and feel for the entire region which could be used as a guideline for all POSM Requirements going forward.

Creative direction
Conceptual design
Design creation and rendering

Brand: Pringles 

Client: Kelloggs APAC

Agency: Barrows APAC

The challenge

Create a set of brand Guidelines for the entire region for Pringles point of sale, and create a document that could be used as a guidelines for any new POSM materials created.
The design tool kit would need to span across the entire APAC region. And translate into many types of manufacturing processes in many different countries.

Table Top Gravity Feed

Aisle End Display

Bulk Free Standing Display

Modular Gravity Feed System

Rotating Counter Unit Concept Sketch

Under Shelf Space Saver

In Flight Tablet Stand