Premium Category Management 

Unilever and Coles teamed up to design a new solution to shopping in the hair care section in premium super stores.
The idea was to get shoppers to shop per brand and not per variant. Therefore, a consumer can shop by brand. This ideology will increase the basket size by increasing the number of offerings the brand has in one location.   

Creative direction
Conceptual design
Design creation and rendering

Engineering consideration

Brand: Personal Care Category Management

Client: Unilever South Africa

Agency: Barrows Design and Manufacturing South Africa

The challenge

Tasked with creating a full aisle experience for Coles, the concept should group brands as a category anchor creating a new shopping experience for the consumer, the design had to educate and navigate the shopper to their specific needs.

The Solution

We cleaned up the image of the hair care aisle and created a zone in the store that invites a shopper in to browse, experiment and sample brands.
The design of the brand blocking used top Unilever brands in each category as beacons and all other brands were grouped together under the flagship brands.

Skincare Premium Category Management

Haircare Premium Category Management Planogram

Skincare Premium Category Management Concept Sketch

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