“Take a fresh look  through the Heineken window”

Heineken launched in Brazil with the ATL campaign, “Take a fresh look through the Heineken window”.

The look and feel of the 2D brand was to view the Heineken bottle through the star which is its brand icon. The star acted as a window, framing the bottle.

The job was to convert this theme into own able POSM

Brand: Heineken

Client:  Heineken Brazil

Agency: Barrows Brazil

Creative direction
Conceptual design
Design creation and rendering

The challenge

Heineken launched in Brazil and required a new range of POS materials to launch in-store and on-consumption markets.
The designs needed to highlight the launch by using the “Take a fresh look through the Heineken window”. It needed to feature as part of the 3D design of the units, as well as premiumise the international branding over and above the local brands which enjoy great loyalty.  

The Solution

I created a strong design language for the Heineken brand. The use of premium materials, glass and layered printing to create a range of POS materials that set the brand apart from competitors.
Lighting was key to highlight the products and I created cut through designs that stood out in-store and on-consumption venues. 

Free standing displays

Heineken Cooler cladding

Back of Bar Equipment

Heineken illuminated - ice bucket

The drinking culture in Brazil is very different to most places in the world, the culture of a short beer, “Chop”, is extremely popular and is a perfect way to enjoy a refreshing beer.
The idea for the injection molded illuminated ice bucket is to act as a brand beacon in bars and clubs, drawing attention to beer brand making it a desirable object yet functional as the buckets keeps the beer cold.

The bucket light charges from a station behind the bar and illuminates once removed from the charger.
The handle has a bottle opener integrated into the design.