It’s dry, but you can drink it.

Savanna South Africa’s Premium Cider Brand is rooted in a dry humor and conveys all its messaging through humorous advertisements and quirky messages.

The brand required a retail look and feel that embodies their humor and brand.
All the designs had to convey a sense of fun and humor with “Dry” wit, and show a constant instore equity.

Brand: Savanna Cider

Client:  Distell - South Africa

Agency: Barrows South Africa

Creative direction
Conceptual design
Design creation and rendering
Engineering and production overseeing

“Puddle Pools”
Inflatable Coasters

The challenge

The brand required clever thinking point of sale, designs for Off- Consumption and On-Consumption venues around South Africa.
The designs had to capture the Savanna brand essence and communicate as a guide for how to design for the brand when applied to retail POS.

The Solution

We re-looked the design process for a standard retail style guide and turned it on its head, deciding that each design should create a humorous dual meaning, conveyed through a visual pun, and combine that with a unique shape and form that best embodies the brand.
We created designs that made you smile and reminded us that the brand was a fun brand. 

Brand Awareness Displays 

“Extinguished Guests”
Fire Extiguisher

“Out of this world”
Bar Pyrimid Display

“Periodic Table”
Table ... Period

Savanna Back of Bar Cooler Cladding

“Jolly Box”
Bar Fridges

Freestanding Displays Units